Hot Tub Chemicals

Hot tub lovers enjoy their moment having a soaking in it. How clean our hot tubs are? Are the bathtubs germ-free? Do the basic cleaning methods efficient and effective? The above questions are some which current and future hot tub owners should ask themselves.


Hot Tub Chemicals for Home and Commercial Use

Hot Tub Sanitizers

Bromine and chlorine are the two major sanitizers that you can clean your bathtub with. They are both either granules or tablets shaped so it depends on your preference. The sanitizers are the ones which kill the harmful bacteria and make your water safe to soak on. Between the bromine and chlorine, they have different factors on why you should choose each wisely. Bromine is costly, complicated to use and it can be left alone without tending to it. On the other hand, chlorine is easy to use, cheap and needs more attention regarding maintenance.

Hot Tub Oxidizers

Who loves to soak their beautiful bodies in smelly water? With shock treatments, it removes the foul smell. It breaks down contaminants which produce the bad smell. The best types are non-chlorine shocks and dichloride shocks which oxidizes the dirt. They are not corrosive to your hot tub pump and hot tub filters. Thus extending the hot tub lifespan.

List of Hot Tub Chemicals Needed for Complete Spa Maintenance

Hot Tub Balancers

Neutral water PH level is 7pmm. You can measure your PH level with test strips or a meter. If your Ph level is higher or low than the normal level it is dangerous to your body. When the Ph level is lower than 7.2 pmm you should use sodium bicarbonate to higher it up to the normal level. Other instances the Ph level is higher than 7.2 pmm you use sodium bi-sulfate to lower the acidity.

Why are Hot Tub Chemicals Important?

1. Cleaning the water and making it clear

We sometimes conserve water by reusing the water we had previously used. The hot tub covers will not 100% keep your water clean. Using the hot tub chemicals will make the water clean and clear because it is usually murky. After going through the procedure you can enjoy your bath peacefully and conserve the environment.

2. Erases Bacteria

Everybody worries about the thought of harmful bacteria in our environment. What’s worse bacteria tends to thrive in a moist area. To feel safe and be in a germ-free hot tub area often clean with the required hot tub chemicals.

3. Removes Dirt

Sweat, dust, small particles of fecal waste, urine droplets are some of the dirt in hot tubs. The hot tub chemicals clean all the dirt so that you can have a stress free soak.

Other Hot Tub Products


Choosing the right hot tub chemical is very important. Use have to choose a product that is user and environment-friendly. The amount of time the chemical uses to be effective is also very important. Always read the product label and follow the instructions very carefully.