Hot Tub Location: Where Should I Put My Hot Tub?

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Placement is key! If you’ve recently purchased a hot tub or spa, there are a few things to consider when determining where to place your new hot tub to ensure that you and your family get the most use out of your new purchase.

  1. Weather
    First things first, where do you live? If you live in a climate where majority of the year you’ll enjoy your hot tub outside, do that! For example, if you live where it’s 110 degrees and you can’t imagine sitting in a hot tub for longer than five minutes, place your hot tub indoors. The point is consider the climate you live in and determine your location based on where you’ll get the most use out of your new hot tub.
  2. Uses
    Are you using your hot tub for relaxation, recovery, better sleep, entertainment, or all of the above? If you foresee your hot tub being used primarily for entertainment purposes, place the hot tub where that best fits in your home. If you plan on using it every day for better sleep, put it in a place that allows you to do that.
  3.  Electrical
    It’s vital that the location you would like to put your hot tub has the correct electrical hook ups depending on the type of hot tub you purchased.
  4. Environment
    Make sure that the location is flat and level, so the hot tub can sit perfectly. Also, make sure that wherever the hot tub sits, you’re okay with the area around it getting wet simply from people getting in and out of the hot tub.

Each of these things should be considered when determining the best location for your new hot tub or spa. Remember, with all things considered, make sure that it goes in the location where you will get the most use out of it!



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