Hot Tub Maintenance

When regular maintenance is no longer enough, an exceptional hot tub treatment makes it possible to make up for the most difficult situations. But what hot tub treatment do you need? Which products to use and how often? We have listed here some hot tub maintenance tips to make your hot tub water clean and sparkly.

Hot Tub Maintenance: A Basic Guide for Beginners

Some people call it spa, portable spa, but whatever term you use to refer to your hot tubs, understanding and knowing how to maintain a hot tub is a precious gift that you can give to yourself.

Aside from scrubbing your tub and making sure that hot water is circulated regularly, a clean sparkly waters is the core of hot tub care. So how do you do it? By using hot tub chemicals.

Hot Tub Chemicals

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Spa Sanitizer

Bromine and chlorine are the two major types of sanitizers that you can use to clean a hot tub. The main function of a spa sanitizer is to kill bacteria and other microorganisms that thrive in your hot tub. Bromine has a higher temperature tolerance compared to chlorine. Chlorine on the other hand is cheaper compared to bromine and doubles as an water optimizer as well.

Spa Shock

Spa shock or hot tub oxidizers on the other hand has curative and restorative effects. This is usually done if your hot tub water cloudy or if it has changed colour or if the water has turned green and you fear it will get worse within the next 24 hours. It also removed odors and breaks down water contaminants.

Hot Tub Water Balancers

The chemical balance of your hot tub is one of the major factors that you need to consider when maintaining a hot tub. Water that is too acidic can cause skin irritations while having a high pH is prone to bacterial growth. Finding the right pH balance as well as water hardness is important so that your hot tub water would be safe and clean to use.

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