Hot Tub Sanitizer

A spa sanitizer or a hot tub sanitizer has the same function as a pool sanitizer. However, these two are different. A spa sanitizer, as the name implies is designed for hot tubs, while pool sanitizers are used for pools. Because hot tubs or spas are so warm, this creates an environment that is conducive to bacteria growth. This is why it is important to do your spa or hot tub maintenance regularly!

So why can’t you use a pool sanitizer and a spa sanitizer interchangeably? Though they serve similar functions, these products are made differently. The water temperature varies so much from a pool to a hot tub and the chemical reactions within your hot tub happen a lot quicker because it is a lot warmer compared to your pool.

There are different types of sanitizers that you can use in your hot tub. This includes chlorine, bromine, non-chlorine or non-bromine options. A chlorine sanitizer is considered as the most traditional way to maintain pool water. However, some people find the substance very irritating. Though “chlorine” might blow away some people, it is not really as scary as it seems! Bromine sanitizer or bromine system on the other hand, works really well for hot tubs and indoor spas. If you have sensitive skin, non-chlorine or non-bromine sanitizers are a great alternative for maintaining hot tubs.

Products that you will find on our Splash Perfect includes Chlorinating Concentrate, Brominating Concentrate, and SoftSoak Sanitizer. Chlorinating Concentrate is a chlorine-based sanitizer that’s fast-acting and quick-dissolving that’s extremely easy to use. Brominating Concentrate is a bromine-based sanitizer that’s dual acting as a sanitizer and an oxidizer. SoftSoak Sanitizer is a non-chlorine version of a sanitizer that’s non-staining and on-corrosive.