How Weather Affects Your Pool

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Rainy weather often comes along with pool season. No matter where you live, rain can affect the chemistry of your pool water. Most people think it’s simply because the rain dilutes the water in your pool, but that’s not the truth. Rain drops actually carry algae pores which when added to your pool, can definitely throw off the balance.

“Well, I have a pool cover so I don’t have to worry about it.” – Average Pool Owner

False. There are plenty of ways that the rain can affect your pool water even if it isn’t directly raining into your pool. The rain does indeed drop around your pool leaving the algae pores all around it. Wind, people, dogs, etc. can track these into the pool in different ways. Whether you have a pool cover or not, always test the pool after a rain fall because more than likely, it will need to be treated right away.


Did you know bacteria grows best in warmer climates? When the summer heat hits, it’s vital to maintain proper chlorine levels in your pool. Because of the warm weather, chlorine gets eaten up a lot quicker than it usually does. Make sure to regularly test your water so that you don’t fall into pool maintenance havoc.


We often don’t worry about our pool on a beautiful sunny and 65 degree day but you should! Be aware of how bright the sun is. If there are no clouds in the sky, the UV rays will hit your pool and break down your chlorine. On super sunny days, also be aware of your pools’ chlorine levels.


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