Pool Algaecide

Pool Algae, we’ve all heard of it but what really is it? Pool algae are microscopic aquatic plants that grow within your pool water. They are so small that they don’t look like a typical plant. However, once they expand and grow, they show up in ways that you don’t want! You’ve seen the disgusting green pool and prayed that the next time you open your pool it doesn’t look the same. Have no fear! Our trusted pool algaecide products are guaranteed to fight whatever algae growth is invading your swimming pool.

Algae can show up in all sorts of colors and textures. There are multiple types of algae that can grow within your pool water and even bigger words to describe each. Green algae, mustard algae, and black algae are some variations of swimming pool algae – just to name a few!

Truth Bomb: Regular pool maintenance that includes a sanitizer and an oxidizer may not prevent algae from growing in your pool.

Swimming Pool Algaecide Recommendations

Some of the products on this page will prevent algae from growing within your pool while others will treat algae that has already shown up in your pool water. In the most perfect world, we hope you’re staying on top of algae by using one of our maintenance products. In the real world, we understand that algae might sneak up in your pool water. Let’s break it down! When should you purchase what?

  • Prevent Algae AND Treat It Once It’s Arrived – Pool Complete
  • Prevent Algae by adding this to your weekly maintenance – Back Up 2, Algae All 60
  • Kill Algae Once It’s Arrived – Banish , Spot Kill
  • Prevent Algae AND Enhance Water – Optimizer Plus