Pool Sanitizer

Pool water sanitizer is one of the most important things you can do for your pool water to maintain clean and healthy water. It’s step one for regular maintenance. Sanitizing your pool water is equivalent to killing potentially harmful microorganisms. Basically, properly sanitized water equals clean water. Clean water equals no bacteria or algae growing within your water, which is ideal for any swimming pool. Let’s be real – nobody wants to end their day with a nice swim in their bacteria infested swimming pool!

You’re about to find a variety of pool water sanitizers. Make sure to read the descriptions as well as the directions and choose one that works best for your pool set up and is one you can easily maintain. If you’re looking for something to add to your weekly maintenance that’s also BioGuard’s Best Performing sanitizer, check out SilkGuard Complete Tabs or SilkGuard Complete Sticks.

There are different types of pool water sanitizers such as Chlorine, bromine, salt-water and non-chlorine but the most common is Chlorine. You’ll hear plenty of opinions and guarantees out there, but Chlorine will offer easier maintenance all while saving the bank. If you didn’t already know, Chlorine is ideal because it’s a sanitizer and an oxidizer all in one.

Additionally, to the different types of sanitizers there are also different forms of sanitizers including tabs, sticks or pucks. Again, when you see all of the options pay attention and pick something that works for your pool. SilkGuard Complete is Bioguard’s best performing sanitizers. You will find all of these products available on Splash Perfect. SilkGuard Complete products make your pool water soft, smooth, prevents scaling, protects metal staining and corrosion on pool equipment.