Water Enhancer: Pool Water Clarifier

Water enhancer and water balancer. They sound the same, what’s the difference?

Water enhancers’ primary focus is to get rid of cloudy water, increase the clarity of your pool water, and ensure bather comfort. It’s all about the quality of the water after it’s already balanced. Additionally, clear water ensures maximum filter efficiency. If your water is clear, your filter will perform to last.

Swimming Pool Water Clarifiers

Water enhancers are an extra step to your regular maintenance. They are simply an option and not a necessity. So why do people purchase water enhancer pool products? For just that. To enhance their pool water to its fullest potential, to ensure a positive and enjoyable swimming experience and to maintain the lifetime and value of their pool equipment.

Pool Clarifiers and Enhancers from Splash Perfect

There are a TON of products out there that are meant to enhance your swimming pool water. Here’s the deal, we’re about to break down the products we offer into your needs, so you know when and if it’s necessary for you to purchase a water enhancer product. Here we go!

Looking to simply maintain extra clear water? Pool Complete, Polysheen Blue, or Natural Clarifier are the products you should take a look at. Pool Complete is a 3-in-1 product that prevents build-up around the pool waterline, clear water, and continuously removes phosphate to the filter in your pool. Woah! Ploysheen Blue is a fast-acting formula that clears cloudy water with no dilution needed. Natural Clarifier focuses on more than the pool water. Natural Clarifier not only keeps your pool water sparkling clear but also keeps your filter working at peak efficiency using all-natural ingredients and no dye or fragrance.

And yes, there’s more! Who knew there were so many cloudy water agents? We do! Pay attention to specific product detail as they all do something specifically different.

You have cloudy water and other contaminants in your swimming pool water and it’s time to get it sparkly clear! These products will do the job – Pool Opening Complete, Power Floc, Sparkle Up, or Pool Tonic. Don’t have a pool cover? Maintain you pool water’s temperature and reduce water loss with Smart Shield.

Specifically increase your filter’s efficiency by implementing Skim Mor, a product that traps debris that your skimmer misses. Eliminate unwanted odor and water-line build up in your pool by using Natural Result.