Swimming Pool Chemicals – What Chemicals do you Need to Open a Pool

Swimming pool chemicals are very important in keeping your pool crystal clear. From pool sanitizers, pool shock,  pool water balancers, algaecides, water enhancers, and a ton of other miscellaneous products, it is easy for a newbie to get lost with what to use and when. To make your pool maintenance less stressful, we made a list just for you.

What Chemicals do I Need to Open a Pool?

  1. Pool Sanitizers
  2. Swimming Pool Oxidizers or Pool Shock
  3. Pool Balancers
  4. Algaecides
  5. Water Enhancers

What is a Pool Sanitizer

A pool sanitizer is one of the most important things you need to open a pool. It is also considered as the first step in maintaining your swimming pool.  When you sanitize, it means you are killing potentially harmful organisms in the water.

There are different types of pool sanitizer products. One of the most common is chlorine. Compared to other types, chlorine offers the most cost-effective and most convenient way to sanitize a pool. You may also opt for bromine or salt water sanitizer.

Liquid Pool Shock: When to Shock a Pool

Shocking is important when opening a pool, though some may think that using a pool sanitizer is enough, that is not usually the case. Without using pool oxidizers or pool shock treatment, the effects of your sanitizer can dissipate easily. Shocking your water helps you maintain the cleanliness of the pool and should be done regularly.

You will need to shock your pool during impoundment or if there is very dirty water, for example after a storm.Pool shock should also be used if there is sudden invasion of algae. It is used for opening a pool and at the end of the season, before winter.

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Water Balancers: Balancing Pool Water

A balanced pool water is important to prevent skin irritations. Some chemicals such as chlorine can be very irritating to the skin and can be very uncomfortable to swim in. That is why we have water balancers to balance the negative effects of these swimming pool chemicals on the skin.

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Pool Algaecide: When to Add Algaecide to Pool

Swimming pool Algaecide, as the name implies, is used to remove and prevent algae from invading your pool. There are different types of algae that can grow in your pool and causing the pool water to be murky, cloudy or greenish. Pool sanitizers and oxidizers should be able to prevent and kill some algae. But if there’s a lot of pool algae, getting the best algaecide would be the ideal solution.

Swimming Pool Algaecide

Water Enhancers or Pool Water Clarifier

If you are having problems with cloudy or murky water, then what you need is a pool water clarifier. Usually after using algaecide, chemical and algae residue may remain in the water making it murky and cloudy. In this case, you need a swimming pool chemical such as a clarifier to restore your sparkly clean waters.

Swimming Pool Water Clarifiers

The Importance of Swimming Pool Chemicals

Swimming pool chemicals are something that you cannot just do away with. They are important in keeping your pool clean and safe to swim in. These pool chemicals are necessary for regular maintenance and are quite handy during emergency situations such as an algae invasion or a dirty pool water after the storm.

Now that you have learned about swimming pool chemicals, you are a step forward in keeping your pool clean and safe to swim in. Finding the best swimming pool chemicals can be tough without knowing what it is for and how to use it. With this guide, hopefully you can find the best swimming pool chemicals to keep your pool sparkly clean.