Swimsuit Maintenance (Yes, It’s a Thing)

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Are the chemicals from my pool and hot tub ruining my swimsuit?

Here’s the thing! Harsh chemicals can in fact put extra wear and tear on your swimsuits. It can cause color fading or effect the elasticity of your suit. It’s hard to know 24/7 exactly how chemically balanced your pool or hot tub is prior to use. Therefore, it’s essential to rinse your swimsuit out with regular water after use. This will ensure longevity of your suit!

Fun Fact: Laundry detergent is never fully rinsed out of a swimsuit because of the material they’re made up of. If you wash your suit with laundry detergent and proceed to get into your hot tub or pool, you may experience excessive foaming in the water. It’s best to properly rinse your swimsuit with water after every use!

Final breakdown,

  1. Always rinse your suit out after using your pool or hot tub to avoid damage.
  2. If you wash your swimsuit in detergent, make sure to thoroughly rinse with water after the wash to avoid foaming in the water.
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