Winter Pool Chemicals

If you’re from a place where cold snowy days and freezing nights take away from your pool fun, this is the right place for you.

Pool winter products are specific to the cold winter months, which means that winter products aren’t the same as regular pool maintenance products. With that said, it’s extremely important to properly balance your pool before you shut it down for the winter season. A properly balanced pool plus the following winter products will ensure a smooth sailing opening process in the spring. Pool Winter Products are meant to maintain the water’s chemistry to withhold for multiple months. After all, we don’t touch the pool or even look at it for 3-6 months.

Winter Pool Chemicals Tips

Closing your pool correctly will make for an easy spring opening which in turn will save you effort, time and money! Take care of all of your pool closing needs with an Arctic Blue Winter Kit. When choosing your winter kit, the most important detail to note is the gallon size of you pool. The correct winter kit will directly correlate to your pool’s gallon size.

What is included in a winter kit? Arctic Blue Shock is in your winter kit that is a multi-purpose winter shock. This shock is used to oxidize and clarify throughout the winter season. It also contains Arctic Blue Algae Protector which is a product that prevents algae from growing during the off season. The Winter Kit options below are formulated for use in chlorinated or brominated swimming pools of all surfaces and filter types. Each winter kit also includes step-by-step instructions to correctly closing your pool.

There are additional winter closing products that aren’t included in the typical pool closing kit. When it comes to additional pool closing products, you know your pool water best and if you don’t we recommend you test your pool water on a regular basis so that you do know it. If you have specific closing needs take a look at Pool Closing Complete or Arctic Blue Floater. Pool Closing Complete will take your pool closing to the next level. Pool Closing complete protects your pool with anti-corrosion and anti-scale properties. It also adds water line protection during winter months. The Arctic Blue Floater is another form of winter chlorination, but it adds to the pool continuously through the winter months. It specifically works for white plaster pools only!